Wednesday, June 18, 2008


No photo cause I don't have my camera. I miss it. I want to take pictures of the dumbest things. Maybe I can borrow Margot's later. Last night Ross was taking out the trash and he was spooked cause he heard something that sounded like a plate or dish moving. We don't have any dishes outside, so he was a little perplexed. Then he saw some movement on the wall. He realized that the sound had come from the terra cotta sunburst on the wall. The geckos were coming out of their house to eat. My mom and I have the same sunburst. I hang mine by the back porch and she hangs hers by the front porch. Both of us have geckos that live in/behind our sunburst. At night they come out and eat bugs that are attracted to our porch lights (and my kitchen light). These little things amuse and delight me.


Team Serrins Springfield said...

What's a sunburst? Like a stained glass thing to hang on the deck or porch? We have geckos and lizards both on the front and the back deck of our house. One of them lives on a chair and glares at you if you want to sit down. One lives in the BBQ grill so I go out there, bang on it, announce that I'm going to set it on fire, wait a few minutes, bang some more and then start the blaze to give her some time to move along for the hour or so.

k. said...

The thing I have is a terra cotta circle with a Sun Face on the front. It is 3-D. The back has a large round opening that the geckos actually crawl up into. I'll try to post a photo if I can borrow a camera. Last week I saw a gecko drop down when I opened the garage door. His tail was disconected and just wiggling there after he ran away. Creepy. I felt so bad, but at least he survived.