Tuesday, June 17, 2008


This weekend was so crazy. Shopping sprees (I now have a pair of Lucky button fly jeans! Yeah!). Birthday Parties. A bounce house. Beer Pong. Cupcakes. Six flags. Sun. Heat. Wow.
We were at 6 flags a lot longer than I thought we would be. We managed to get there at 10a the morning after beer pong! We were there until 5 p! I can't decide which ride is my favorite. I really like the Superman Tower of Power ride. We rode that one 1 and half times. The first time the ride malfunctioned and didn't drop us, it just brought us down slowly. They let us ride it again on a different tower (there are three towers). We rode the Titan twice. That's the blue and orange coaster in the photo. I don't know how to describe it. The first drop is really steep. I like so many of the rides. The lines weren't too bad, the worst line was the one for the food and drinks! Dang! Ross stood in line for half an hour for a funnel cake and one of those 13 dollar novelty cups. Ross had a coupon for the cup, so he only paid 10. We had free refills for the day and refilled it 6 times. 7 drinks for 10 dollars isn't bad. We even found a place with unsweetened tea so that we weren't sucking down HFCS. When we take it back we can get refills for 99 cents.
I'm currently battling the munchies and sleepiness. Yesterday I was so tired from our crazy weekend that I actually took a nap. I'm on the no C diet until we go to El Paso next week. 10 more days without cheese! Wah! (I had some yesterday though...oops.) Dinner is going to be fish and broccoli. So hungry. And so sleepy. It's snap time.

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