Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Promised

Well, I'm finally done. I promised that after vacation I'd work on the back room. It took me four different sessions and a broken nail, but the office is clean! The before picture doesn't actually show the worst of it. Of course it got worse before it got better. I spent an hour cleaning in there this am and you couldn't even tell! I really hope that we can keep it under control this time. I did dump some things into a box for Ross to go through/put away. The corner still isn't cleaned out. I have two boxes of books back there and stuff I want to get rid of. I need to clear that area out, but everywhere else looks much better. On the list for today is also the living room (minor) and the kitchen (needs a lot of work, I'll do a few specific things today). It's time to put the scooba to work. And I need to take the pizza crust out of the freezer for dinner tonight.I turned two piles of paper into 20 piles of paper...

Oh so clean!

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Team Serrins Springfield said...

Yay. I love organization and cleaning and clear spaces!