Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mid-Year's Resolutions

I honestly can't remember what my new year's resolutions were. I'm sure one of them was breaking 150. Since I've done that, and Summer has officially started I thought maybe I should come up with some mid-year's resolutions.

1. Put things back where they belong.
This should help keep the clean areas clean, and prevent other areas from getting so messy. I have a tendency to just dump things into piles.
2. Stick with the program.
The last time I dropped below 150 I was probably there just a couple of weeks. This time I've been below 150 for 3 months. Now I'm testing to see if I can get down to my "ideal body weight."

I guess those are the two that I really want to work on. I also need to:

3. Take better care of my skin and teeth.
I'm really bad about my skin care routine. I have all the products, but don't use them regularly. I'm also really bad about flossing everyday and worse about wearing my retainer.

Okay. I think three is a good number. That gives me some things to concentrate on. Number 2 has a ton of things wrapped up in it, so I don't want to make a huge list of resolutions that I'll forget about by next week.

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