Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Subject-Verb Agreement

My latest pet peeve is that subject-verb agreement doesn't seem to matter anymore. The bachelorette declares in one commercial that "one of you are going to be my husband." What?!? Okay, so she said it...does ABC have to use that clip in an ad? This weekend I was reading articles online...on Yahoo. One article stated "name and face was." Hello! Name plus face equals two things and two things were. I've just noticed it more and more lately, and it's no longer just random people that I overhear at the store. Now it's on TV and online, and I've even seen it in the newspaper--total disregard for subject-verb agreement. It really irks me.


LisaDiane said...

It really bother me, too ;-)

LisaDiane said...
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Team Serrins Springfield said...

Man, I is in agreements with you completely. I means who can't figure out subject verb agreements? Last night, Rachel were saying to me, "man, peoples can't write at all."