Sunday, June 29, 2008

Formal Wedding

Yesterday I accompanied my mom to a wedding (my dad was happy to stay home and sleep). The ceremony was very nice, with live music and singing. There were more people at the reception than were at the church (Rude! Don't get my mom started). The reception was a lavish affair at the country club. They did a whole bunch of stuff I'd never seen dancing around with balloons (the kind you make balloon animals with) and making all the guys wear aprons when they were gathering to catch the garter. They had live music at the reception also. We all had fun dancing. Just us girls. During one of the few moments of non-blaring music I managed to catch the bride and groom together to say Oseh Shalom over them. It is part of the Kaddish prayer that I basically tell people means "peace out" or "peace to you." It sounds all cool cause it is in Hebrew, so people feel all special. Wow, I can't believe how late we stayed. It was a really good time. Weddings are fun. Me and Mom in our formal attire.
I had a ton of fun with my mom's friend Carol.
Here's us girls dancing. Look at me with my tongue sticking out!

The beautiful bride.

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