Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Latest Obsession

I regularly become obsessed with finding the perfect whatever. I've gone on missions to find the perfect--black sweater, brown sweater, yoga pants (that one is on hold), jeans, shoes (many times), tea pot, bottle opener, frame, hair brush, mirror, duvet cover, material for some project or other, gift box, sweater to recycle, recipe, pattern, jade bracelet (even though i have one i haven't stopped looking), Buddha, gloves, wallet, shaving set for Ross, get the point. Gee I sound rather selfish and shallow....I have my own idea of what is perfect and I'm very picky. I keep looking until I find exactly what I want.
Anyways, my latest obsession is tea tins. I have some old Taylors of Harrogate tins that I have slapped labels on and I use those to store tea (pictured right). They are a great size and stack nicely. Well, since I came back from San Francisco with 3 bags of tea that I just stuffed onto the shelf, I decided that I need (yes, need) more tea tins. The thing is, I'm so picky. I like the ones I have. To me that is the perfect tea tin. So, I went looking for some square tins. Round tins abound, but square tins are scarce. Today I looked online and then scoured a few more stores. I've realized it is going to be hard to find cube tins...the ones that I have found online are square on bottom, but tall. The other problem is that with most of my missions I have to find the perfect thing at the perfect price! Today I broke down and bought some short square tins (pictured left). They are cute, but only hold a couple of ounces and don't stack as well as I'd like. Still, I think I'm going to go back and buy one more. I've taken all the tea out of the cabinet and counted up how many tins I'll need--11! Dang I have a lot of tea. I actually thought about buying some Harrogate tea so I could use the tins...but it's pretty pricey. I do get tea with it though....but then where will I put that tea?!!? Sigh. The search continues.

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