Saturday, June 7, 2008

Six Flags

Today was our first trip of the season to Six Flags. We haven't been for at least three years, but this year we got season passes. We had fun...rode 5 rides then called it quits. The Superman Tower drop was really cool, and there was no line really for the Judge Roy Scream coaster or the Titan. We are going again next weekend, and I'm sure we'll go during the week a bunch of times before the end of the season.
A souvenir cup costs 13 dollars! They offer free refills all day long on the day you buy the cup, then 99 cent refills for the rest of the season. Okay. That's not too bad. Everyone seemed to have one! No one was sharing. I saw a guy pushing a stroller full of cups! I don't think every child needs his own huge cup of unlimited corn syrup refills. I guess I'm getting old and cranky cause the 12 year old girls baring their bosoms and bellies was a little unnerving too. Ooh, and the smells! The place is a gallery of strange and unpleasant smells. I guess Six Flags has something for all the senses...Maybe I'll take some photos next week.

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