Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Freak Anatomy: Peroneus Brevis

Yoga has made me very aware of my freakish anatomy. I'm pretty sure I have a short peroneus brevis muscle or tendon. Way before I discovered yoga, I discovered the pain this short muscle can cause. Two words: Ski Boots. I hate ski boots. Ski boots lock your lower leg into a forward leaning position--and for me that hurts. It is one of the reasons I will never ski again.
I rediscovered the pain when I started doing yoga. Trikonasana (Triangle Pose) is one of the most basic poses, but it isn't really easy to do. I really didn't like it at first because that same part of my leg would just burn. I guess the more I have done it over the years, the more I have stretched/strengthened the muscle, and it doesn't bother me as much anymore. Recently in class Nancy mentioned that another yogi says that you have to try something for ten years before you can say you don't like it! Ten years! He says you really have to know something before you can say you don't like it. I'm not so sure about that, but I can say that I like triangle a lot more now than I did ten years ago.
In yoga last Sunday we did a vinyasa that included both trikonasana and pavirtta trikonasana (revolved triangle.) The revolved pose really hit that spot and I could feel it burn. I need to do a lot more trikonasana and pavirtta trikonasa before snowboarding season arrives. The snowboard boots are a gajillion times more comfortable than ski boots, but sometimes I still feel the burn on my right leg.

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