Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Poor SIGG

I have had my SIGG bottle for years. Recently it got crushed. Here's the story: A few weeks ago we went to the drive in to see Pirates of Caribbean and Fast Five. Ainsmar decided to meet us there. Well, the dumb people wouldn't let Ainsmar in--cause he was a single in a car, and they arbitrarily decide whether or not they will allow singles in. We had taken my car to the drive in, so I had to set myself up a seat in the back. That was fine until it started raining. We put the top up, and I was squished into the back of the car. That was probably when my SIGG fell behind the driver's seat.

A while later the rain stopped and we put the top back down. At some point when we were rearranging the seats the bottle was crushed between the front and back seats. I do remember hearing a pop at some point.

I still love my SIGG, and I'm going to keep using it. It still works right? I'm just sad that I had gone so long without any real damage and now it has major damage.

And Ainsmar won't be going to the drive in any time soon. He was really mad that they made him turn around and park at the gas station then walk in. And when he was walking in they told him to get off the grass! Poor guy. Poor SIGG.

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Nicole said...

Wait, I cannot get past the fact that they didn't let your friend in. That drive-in is psycho! What kind of crap is that?!?!? That makes me mad just reading about it.