Friday, June 17, 2011

Elvis Costello at Wolf Trap

On Wednesday night I saw Elvis at Wolf Trap for the third time. Wolf Trap is my favorite venue. It's really hard to explain it to people. It is covered, but open to the air on the sides and back. There's nothing like being distracted by a firefly instead of drunk people. I had a great seat--a front row box seat! Well, my seat was actually in the second row, but the usher told me I could sit in the front row until someone came and no one ever came to kick me out.

I didn't get any good photos because the lighting on stage was very bright. It must have been hot under those lights, poor Elvis's suit was soaked.

The show was also on the Revolver Tour, even though it didn't say so on the T-shirts or on the website. The wheel had different songs on it, and wedges that said Joker. The best part of the show was when a girl named Roxanne went up on stage. She got to choose the song and she picked I Want You. That is one of my favorite Elvis songs. When he started playing though, it wasn't I Want You, it was Roxanne. After one verse he switched over to I Want You. Seamless.

It was a great show. Oh, and the response to Elvis's two acoustic songs was a standing ovation rather than booing. That's more like it. And I just remembered. He also sang Purple Rain. I've been thinking about it and I don't know what my favorite Elvis song is. I feel like need to figure it out. Like it should be a set answer that I don't have to think about.

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