Thursday, June 2, 2011

Patty Finally Blooms

Last year I bought a violet because the blooms were so beautiful--I named her Patty. The blooms lasted a while, but when they were gone, no more came out. The good news is that it didn't die--the leaves continued to grow. I decided to figure out why it wasn't blooming. I read up and learned that it needed more light and some fertilizer. I moved the plant closer to the window and bought some fertilizer made special for violets. Patty finally has blooms. And they aren't the color in the photo. They are a dark royal purple. I think when all the blooms open up there will be about a dozen flowers. I'm so excited. I have a plant that didn't die, and is actually thriving! I guess it helps to figure out what the plant likes and give it to 'em.

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