Sunday, January 10, 2010

Is There a Word for Them?

A few people have told me that they don't like anything different. They are not willing to try (taste, listen to, watch) anything foreign or that they deem as too different, exotic, or alien. Not only are they not open to new things, but they seemed repulsed by the idea. I think that it is sad. I think fear is at the root of all this. Is there a word for this type of person?
I'm so grateful that my parents are so open minded and exposed me to so many different kinds of foods, languages, cultures, and music.I enjoy trying new things and I like most of the things I try. I can't imagine my life without all the different things I enjoy.


Team Serrins Springfield said...

Interesting. I used to be absolutely ... I don't know... white bread about food. I didn't like anything foreign. Really. In high school I didn't even eat Mexican food. I would eat Chinese but only lemon chicken. When I got to college I tried more and more things but still pretty traditional: Mexican enchiladas or fajitas. Chinese - stir fry or lemon chicken. Etc. Then I started adding Thai and other Asian.

Then quite a few years ago (maybe 8), my SIL wanted to go try Persian food for her birthday. We had never had Persian food (any of us) but someone had recommended a new restaurant to her. So we went out and order lots of things and tried everything we ordered. And I was just blown away but the variety of tastes and the richness. And it was truly a life-changing experience for me to realize that I could be more adventurous and discover new tastes. I love Persian, Thai, Ethiopean... I like Indian (but not curry). And I try what people suggest (if it's vegetarian).

I still order the same things at the same restaurants frequently but I'm open to trying lots of different foods now.

I don't know the name for them but I feel sorry for them.

Disobedient Tiger said...

curry is basically a sauce-based dish. usually a side-dish to a main meal.
saag paneer and korma are curries.

k. said...

What do you consider a curry Deb? I consider almost every Indian dish a curry.

Nicole said...

There is so much to experience from the unfamiliar. I LOVE trying new things. I too am so grateful to have been raised by an open-minded mother. Some people find comfort in familiarity. I find excitement in that which is different.