Monday, January 11, 2010

Balls Cold

We went to NYC this weekend. We didn't walk as much as we usually do because of the freezing cold temperatures. One of my beloved cashmere sweaters kept my upper body warm, but I didn't wear my cashmere socks, so my toes froze even under three layers of socks. Ross ended up buying a cheapo souvenir hoodie for twenty bucks to try and keep warm. The next day I found him a cashmere hoodie for 13.99! The souvenir hoodie is too small for him so we are going to give it away. We ate in Chinatown and had pastries in Little Italy. We also met up with Wallace, who was a foreign exchange student with Ross's family 26 years ago.

In Chinatown we met a couple of guys from London. They had ordered a ton of food at the New Green Bo, the restaurant we always go to. The hadn't realized how large the portions were going to be. I think they were also surprised by the low prices.

Wallace mentioned several times how large the food portions are here in the U.S. He laughed at the size of the medium soda. He also commented several times that he couldn't see evidence of the financial crisis. Wallace said he just kept seeing people spending money like crazy. Things are a lot cheaper here than they are in Brazil (or probably anywhere else). I have to agree though, I think many people haven't changed their spending habits at all.

I'm so lucky to live here. Food and petrol are cheap and plentiful. Ross and I both have jobs. We both have cars. We live in a nice place. I may want stuff, but there's nothing that I need.

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