Saturday, January 2, 2010

Great Day

Today was a great day. Ross fixed mocha cappuccinos this morning and when I finished mine I got to drink the leftover steamed chocolate milk. Yummy. Then we headed to the Lexus dealership to take care of 3 things: 1--Get my electronic key fob (that is my Hannukah/anniversary present and I'm really happy to finally have it) 2--The brake light on the dash has been flashing on and off recently (it was an easy and free fix of topping off the brake fluid) and 3--Ask about an extended warranty (we got the information and still have a couple of months to decide which plan to buy). The dealership gave us a fancy push button start car as a loaner. It was a nice car, but I really like mine. The loaner had a lot more of an open feeling. I actually like the tight cocoon feeling of my car.

While my car was being keyed and programmed and all that jazz we drove to York to have some rolls and hamburgers at Logan's Roadhouse. Damn that was a good burger! We went to the Target nearby and I noticed that I was just in a really great mood (No, I did not have Roadhouse Tea).

Tonight (after I took a nap) I got some things done for work (we have a deadline coming up) and managed to do some things on my super long to do list. After all that I did the shred. Two days in a row. So far, so good. I can feel that my calves are tight. It's all that fake jumping rope!

Today = nice productive day.


Team Serrins Springfield said...

That sounds like a great day. I love a day like that - where you lay down at the end of the day and just breathe out and feel how great the day was.

Nicole said...

It's wonderful to be able to appreciate the beauty in a regular day. You don't have to be on the beaches of Aruba to have a really great day.