Monday, January 5, 2009

Pose of the Week: Downward Facing Dog

This week I'm getting back to the basics. I made up a whole new routine for those who might be starting yoga as part of a new year--new you program. My music theme this week is starting/beginning. I figure I'll do this basics routine for a couple of weeks and then go back to my theme-based routines.

Here is my downward facing dog. I don't look like the girl in my Iyengar book (totally curved in back) or the girl on the Yoga Journal web site (straight back). I feel like my low back needs to be pushed back a little more. Ross says I look like a rollercoaster ride. Gosh, my hands are huge.

When I went to the one Iyengar class the teacher pointed out that I keep my feet really close together and turn my heels in, so I've been trying to work on that.

I made a half-attempt at peacock pose before I did downward dog. Maybe I'll try it one more time today. It seems like it takes a lot of leg strength. I have trouble keeping my legs straight in a lot of poses. Tight hamstrings I suppose.

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