Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pet Peeves

I've been thinking about this post for a long, long time. The bottom line is that inconsiderate, clueless people really annoy me. I'm sure I'm leaving out some things that really bug me, but here is a list of the things that commonly get me riled up.

1. Subject-verb agreement. I've written a post on this one before. Things are not getting better. I still read and hear subject-verb disagreement all the time.

2. Hoverers. Really, don't get me started on hoverers. If you feel that you must hover above the toilet, then either aim or clean up after yourself. I love how women hover "like a proper lady", piss all over the toilet seat, then haughtily walk out of the stall with a look that says "That didn't come from me!" Well, you may or may not avoid germs, but you will get the evil eye from me.

3. When people park between our driveway and Ottos. Again, I've already written a post about this. People are just inconsiderate.

4. Smokers. They stand in front of buildings creating a cloud that I must walk through to get in. The worst is the litter. I see smokers toss butts all the time. I see butts and empty packs all over. Gross.

5. Itch and addicting. Itch is that feeling you get when you got crabs from sitting on the toilet. Scratch is what you do to relieve that feeling. It makes me cringe a little when I hear "He's been itching that spot so much he made it bleed." The other word I commonly hear is addicting. Piercings are addicting. Tattoos are addicting. Chips are addicting. Video games are addicting. No! They are addictive.

6. Bad dog owners. Some are clueless. Some, are just jerks. I could go on and on about this one, but I think you know what I mean: shitting, barking, wandering, scratching, jumping, bowling over dogs with owners who just don't care.

7. Whiners. Please don't complain to me about money. Really, ever. If it is such a problem, then stop spending. If you are buying crap and eating out, then I have no sympathy for you. Point. Please don't complain to me about your weight if you aren't doing anything about it. Yeah, like I'm going to sympathize with you when you say you are fat as you stuff donuts in your mouth. Yeah, right.

Man, this post makes me sound like a bitch. Well, I am. A judgemental bitch.

Oh, and just to add another thing in. Please don't tell me everything happens for a reason (and it will all work out for the better). Please don't tell anyone that. That is a crappy line that never makes anyone feel better.


Team Serrins Springfield said...

I've considered a post like this for a long time but I can never remember my main pet peeves all at once. Occasionally I say, "That's going on my pet peeves post..."

#6 - Monday we went to Walnut Creek to hike. Someone had taken a plastic bag to bag up their dog's crap but left the bag in the middle of the trail. WTF? A bag isn't even bio-degradable and the crap would have been. Doesn't it seem like if you are going to take the effort to bag it up, you should put it in the trash?

One you don't mention but I bet is really on your list: people who say, "no offense but..." That but usually precedes something really offensive.

k. said...

It took me months to come up with this list.
Last week I saw a dog owner bend over with the bag to pick up poo...but he just moved it into the grass (from the sidewalk) instead of really picking it up and disposing of it properly!
Oh, one of my favorites is "I'm not judging you, but..."

V said...

My turn for dog poo! Since EVERYONE in our complex knows which dog leaves presents in everyone's yard, once we find some, we toss it back into said dog owner's yard. Troy's idea.

Oh, and I could copy and paste #7 in an email to some new friends here (Troy agreed with me when I read it aloud and mentioned the people), but I won't.