Saturday, January 10, 2009


I have been eating like a mad woman since Christmas eve. The holidays (which were not a legitimate excuse) are over and I need to get back with the program. I have had a lot of late nights, and that has led to a lot of sleeping in and some skipped work outs. I desperately need to get into a routine. Well, a good routine. Currently the routine is to get up late, go to the gym, work out, come home, eat too much, do nothing productive, then stay up late (reading, visiting friends, or playing mariokart). I haven't been drinking my teas or taking my vitamins. I have just been all out lazy for the last two weeks. I am considering going to the No C diet for a week or two to help me get back on track. We'll see.


V said...

Sounds like the C diet is in order and start logging your exercise minutes!

k. said...

I always log my exercise minutes. I did a total of 275 mins last week, but i need to do more (esp cardio). Ross and I are going to hit the sack at a decent hour tonight so that we can start a new schedule tomorrow.