Saturday, January 17, 2009


Let us start at the beginning. I have always loved milk. By the time I was 12, I was drinking at least half a gallon a day. I think I was the only kid in my class that knew the price of milk. If I had continued on this path I would probably be drinking 2 gallons a day and weigh 300 pounds. Luckily, a doctor intervened and said I should cut back on the amount I was drinking and start drinking two percent milk. The phrase "addicted to the hormones in the milk" has always stuck in my head. The doctor must have said that to my mom. She had taken me to the doctor because of my growth spurt induced knee pain, not my milkaholism (I think he had some speculation that the hormones in the milk were contributing to my growth spurt).

I immediately started drinking two percent milk and slowly cut back on the amount I was drinking. I have pretty much managed to keep my milk consumption under control since then. I know I am still an addict, I can't go a week without milk. On my trip to Las Vegas I packed the little Horizon milk boxes in my luggage so that I could have milk every morning.

Three years ago I completely switched to organic milk. Wow. Quality stuff. I did something I said I'd never do--I started drinking skim milk! I was down to half a gallon (or less!) of skim milk a week for a long time. Recently, things got a little out of control. I got back on the two percent, and was up to a gallon and a half a week. I made all sorts of excuses--the holidays, cookies, cappuccinos, hot chocolate, and hot egg nog. Last week Ross bought a gallon of skim milk, and I finished it off this morning. Oops. That was supposed to last us two weeks. Us--that's my other excuse--I'm not the only one drinking it (but in reality I am the one drinking most of it).

I seriously need to cut back. My goal for next week is to only go through half a gallon.

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