Monday, August 18, 2008

Oatmeal Gelato

Last week I made oatmeal gelato. I've always wanted to make oatmeal ice cream. I don't know why. I used the Basic Gelato Recipe and flavored it by steeping the oatmeal (half a cup I think) in the warm milk, cream and sugar. I let it sit so long that the oatmeal was cooked. I strained the solid oatmeal out and I ate some of it the next morning for breakfast. I added some vanilla and some nutmeg to the mixture before freezing it. The gelato definitely tastes like oatmeal. I would like to create a more oatmeal cookie flavor. I think I would need some more nutmeg, a little cinnamon and some brown sugar. Maybe I'll try that in a few weeks when this batch is gone.


LisaDiane said...

OK, I have spent too much time with your husband recently! When the picture came up I thought, "oh, look, breasts!" Then I nearly died.

k. said...

When I was taking the photo I knew that's what he would think. Maybe I should have added a third scoop.