Monday, August 18, 2008

Random Updates

I'm taking a break from work to put up a post here. We went to Austin this weekend and also to Fiesta Texas. I'll post some photos tonight. I have been craving cupcakes, and I was going to bake some on Friday, but I didn't get around to it. I'm not sure if I will have time this week. I am teaching 4 classes and I am probably going to Irving on Wednesday.
We are finally getting rain. Last year it rained nonstop. This year we had a drought. I am glad to finally get some rain--our front lawn is golden straw. Well, I took a break from writing this post to go take a picture because I really wanted a picture of a hummingbird in the post. The hummingbird feeder in the photo has been on the tree outside our bedroom window since we moved into the house. I have only filled it a couple of times. Last week I saw a hummingbird flying around it and I felt bad that it was bone dry. The feeder didn't even have water in it because it had not rained in weeks. I brought the feeder in and cleaned it and actually filled it with some hummingbird food that I bought ages ago. This morning I looked out the window to see two hummingbirds. I was so delighted. When I laid down for my nap I saw at least two more. Today I also saw a tiny gecko in the bathroom. Nature makes me smile. The little gecko was trying to get up under the bathroom rug. I warned him that the rug isn't the best place to hide out, but he didn't seem to care what I thought.

Can you spot the hummingbird?

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