Monday, August 11, 2008

Prep Time

So, as you probably know I am a perfectionist. I spend hours prepping each hour long yoga class. I think of it like cooking. I use recipes for inspiration now, but I followed them closely when I first started cooking. The problem with yoga is that I have to come up with the recipe! I know it will get easier, but for now I spend a lot of time prepping for each class. Last night I was choosing songs for the music mix. Yep, I make a new mix of music for each new routine. That takes me another hour. This week's routine is going to be upper body. I want really strong motivating music--not new age relaxation. So I was choosing what I thought were some good songs, but then I started listening to the words. Oops. Bitch, Whore, Mother.... Eeek! Now, I'm completely against censorship, but to save my own ass I'm making sure there aren't any (many...haha) "offensive" words in the songs. I don't really hear the music when I am doing yoga (unless it is jazz, which totally gets on my nerves), but I know some people really listen. The last thing I need is somebody complaining to management that my music was offensive. So Kid Rock's Cowboy is out (breasts, pimp, bitch), as well as Lily Allen's Take What You Take (fuck). Oh well, better safe than sorry.

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