Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Austin and Fiesta Texas

So last weekend we went to Austin and got to visit with lots of folks. Of course we saw Joey and Lisa Diane--we were staying with them. Jacob was also staying with them, so I got to visit with him. On Sunday we got to visit with Team Serrins-Springfield. On the way out of town I even got to hug Troy and Christine when I ran into them at HEB. We missed Aaron Camp and Sujata, maybe I'll see them next time.
On Saturday we drove down to Fiesta Texas and rode a few rides. I even rode the Texas Rattler--a huge wooden coaster. After the first few rattling moments I really enjoyed it. At first I thought that I had had enough wooden rollercoaster to last me the year, but now I think I'll ride the Texas Giant here in Arlington before the year is over.
On Sunday I went to Atomic Tattoo and had a conversation with Justin, one of the piercing artists, about the piercing that I am going to have done over the Labor Day weekend. Justin showed me my jewelry options and I feel much better about the whole thing now. I still want to get a Vertical Madison piercing. For some reason it seems to freak people out more than other piercings.
Of course we stopped off at Amy's on our way out of town. I had Mexican vanilla and Ross had white chocolate and flan. There wasn't any Guinness or Bourbon Custard for me. Still, it was as good as it always is, and we saw Kori, our favorite Amy's girl.

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