Friday, March 15, 2013

Pizza Burgers

This week I decided to make pizza burgers. I wasn't sure Ross would like the idea or think it was wrong.  He liked the idea.  The burgers ended up being open-faced.  I tried to make them as pizza as possible.

Pizza Burgers
ground turkey (20 oz.)
turkey pepperoni
shredded cheese
black pepper
pizza seasoning
pizza sauce
provolone cheese
pizza dough

For the actual burger I mixed 85/15 ground turkey, shredded pizza blend cheese, julienned pepperoni slices, pizza seasoning, oregano, and basil.  I made the mixture into 6 patties and cooked them on the stove.  I sliced and sauteed the mushrooms.  I made a full batch of pizza dough.  I added oregano, basil, black pepper, and pizza seasoning to the dough.  It smelled really good.  I was able to make 5 mini pizza crusts out of 1/3 of the dough.  I probably could have made 6 though.  I think I cooked them--with the pizza sauce on--for about 15 minutes.  I assembled the burgers and served them with oven fries.

Thinking back I could have made the mini pizza crusts without the sauce on top, then sliced them in half so the burger would have a top and a bottom. But I kind of like the open face burger.  It's more like a pizza.

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