Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Newsprint Nails

My mom showed me an article a while back about different manicure ideas.  One of the ideas was to transfer newsprint from a newspaper using alcohol.  The words come out backwards (mirrored).  I thought that transferring Chinese characters would make the mirror-thing less noticeable.  I picked up a free Chinese newspaper at the Asian market and gave it a try.  I transferred the newsprint by swiping my nail with alcohol and then pressing on a piece of newspaper.  Then I carefully peeled it off, leaving behind the newsprint and some paper too.  I'm not sure I used the best technique.  Maybe I should dip the paper in alcohol or something.  After each nail I put on a layer of topcoat.  Next time I need to use a different nail polish.  Something more white.  And matte.

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