Thursday, March 28, 2013

I Wish...

Borrowing from Nicole here.
I wish....

  1. People wouldn't text/talk and drive.  It makes me nervous.  It makes me angry.  On Tuesday I saw a near wreck, afterward the driver was still staring at his phone. Grr.  And despite what some ya-hoo said on The Daily Show a while back--it isn't legal in Texas.
  2. I could be paid to play Bejeweled.
  3. Matzoh tasted better.  At least matzoh balls are yummy.
  4. We could find a house.
  5. Shoes never caused blisters.
  6. We could take a 2 week+ vacation to Greece/Italy this year.
  7. My shoulders--everyone's shoulders--were magically healed.
  8. I was really, really good at something.
  9. People wouldn't litter.
  10. Teleportation was real.

1 comment:

Nicole said...

Yes to everything from five down! YES!