Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Chair Project

One of the few things that I wanted from Susan's house was her corner chair.  We brought it back from El Paso last Thanksgiving, and I promptly took it apart.  I bought some supplies to redo the chair, but we had trouble finding the kind of material we wanted for the upholstery.  Last month we finally found some good choices at Calico Corners. The chair is finally done and we can use it now--which was the entire point of redoing it.

The original seat had burlap straps that had disintegrated into dust.
The padding was straw!
These are 3 of the covers that I peeled off the seat.  There was also a black one and a floral one.
This is the original frame and coils.
This is the same frame.  I filled the holes with wood filler.  I put screws in the corners.  I put on cotton straps.
I tied the original coils together and then tacked them to the frame.
I compressed the coils with zip ties.
 This is what the frame looked like without the pillow and upholstery.
 This is now what the underside of the seat.  Well, that's what it looked like before I cut the zip ties.
And this is what the chair looks like now.

Surprisingly Bailey hasn't taken over the chair.  This may be due to her trying twice to jump on it when there was nothing there except a pile of quilts and she fell through.

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Ainsmar said...

Wow, these kinds of projects are so cool!