Sunday, March 17, 2013

Horse Riding Lesson

Yesterday we went and had a horseback riding lesson.  An actual lesson.  Not a trail ride where you just get on the horse and walk around.  I hadn't been on a horse since 2001!  I learned a lot.  I got to bridle the horse, which is something I'd never even seen done before. Ross rode Western and I rode English.  The English saddle is unnerving.  I felt like I could fall off at any moment.  The trot was a bit painful at first.  I was bouncing all over the place.  My horse was a bit stubborn (like me).  He kind of had a mind of his own.  He would stop, or break into a gallop, or whatever.  Ross got to practice with some barrels and I got to try jumping.  The video shows how most of the jumps went--the horse just walked over the wood.  That was half my fault cause I kept pulling back on the reins as we approached the jump.  It was insanely hard to kick the horse and steer and bend over all at once.  I did get one really good jump.  I flew up off the saddle and came back down on the front edge of the saddle with my pubic bone. What's really hurting today though is by sits bones.

After our lesson we learned how to take off the saddles and brushed down our sweaty horses.  We gave them baby carrots as treats and led them back to the pasture.  We also got to meet some other horses.  The two year old horses had really soft noses and lips. One of them kept trying to bite Ross.
This isn't a great photo.  I have a bruise from who knows what.  I think I somehow got it at trapeze--I have a matching one on the other leg.  The pink kiss is from the stirrup straps pinching me.  That was the only thing I really didn't like.  Jennifer, the instructor said I could wear half-chaps next time.  Next time I'll really try to get some more stills and video--we are going on Easter Sunday.

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