Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Celebrity Visits

So far this week has been a week of celebrity visits.  On Sunday night I dreamt about Sherlock Holmes.  I stole his backpack and left him mine.  I was trying to stay ahead of him.  When he caught up to me I tried to convince him to sleep with me.  I told him it would only be sex because I knew he'd never love me the way he loved Irene Adler.  I don't think I was able to convince him that a romp would be good for him.

Last night I ran into Kevin Bacon, who was a teacher.  He called a girl up to the front of the class to check her oral hygiene (by kissing her) and see if her kissing had improved.  I walked out of the room.

Odd visits.  I'm not a huge fan of either of these two guys, and actually, I don't find either one attractive.

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