Sunday, March 31, 2013

Friday Kite Flight

Ross had Friday off because he worked both days last weekend.  We decided to go to the local school fields (since school was also off) and fly a couple of kites.

Ross tried to fly my batwing-looking kite.  That didn't go so well. Apparently needs a tail.  Then I flew our Imp kite for a while.  I had to keep my elbows in close to my body to keep my shoulders from getting yanked.

It took a while to set up the orange kite that my dad left us to play with.  It is 10 feet across.  I got quite the shoulder work out lifting it above my head over and over until it finally inflated and Ross got it flying.  That kite was pulling Ross all over the place.  He got a unique work out and says he is sore all over now.  At one point he decided to sit down.  I ran over and sat down behind him to hold him down. Didn't work.  The kite started to drag both of us!

We packed up the kites and headed to look at a house.  Not a good fit.  We might check out another one today.

Here is Ross flying the orange kite.
Friday was much more fun and much less stressful than the kite festival.

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