Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Big 6-0

We went to El Paso to help my dad celebrate his 60th birthday.

First we went to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico to relax in the hot springs there.  The price of the room included one soak on each day, so we had a soak the night we got there and one the next morning.

 Then on Sunday we went to Rudy's BBQ.  Here's the birthday boy.

My dad requested a lemon cake, and I don't have a particular recipe for one, so I used the Mint Cake recipe as a base and doubled it to fill the honeycomb pan.

My dad has been wanting this grill, and I thought they had them in stock in the store, but we ended up ordering it for him and he can pick it up soon.


Nicole said...

Awwww. Happy birthday to K's Dad! That grill will be a dream come true. It looks awesome and I'm not even into grills like that.

k. said...

The cool thing about the grill is that it is charcoal, but it has a gas starter--so you don't need lighter fluid or an electric starter rod. He'd better cook me up something good next time I'm in town!