Sunday, January 6, 2013

Yiddish with Dick and Jane and a Rant

So I read Yiddish with Dick and Jane.  It is a modern Dick and Jane with Yiddish words thrown in---and a glossary in the back. I'm Sephardic--which is associated with the endangered language Ladino, which I don't know at all.  My dad speaks German, but not Yiddish. I don't know Yiddish, except for the normal words that everyone knows like tuchas, putz, and nosh.  Yiddish has always fascinated me--there is some movie where Eddie Murphy speaks Yiddish to an old lady and that just blew my mind.  I've just always wanted to speak a dozen languages, and I can barely speak 2.

Anyway, the book is modern and funny, covering topics such as adultery, homosexuals, and pot.  The glossary has funny explanations, not just definitions.  There seem to be a lot of words that describe various states of confusion and sickness.  My two favorite words are nu and shtupping.   Nu means well? so? or are you surprised?  Shtupping means fornicating.  I'll try throwing those two words around more in the future.

Okay, now for my rant.  Pot.  Sally smokes a doobie in the book.  I don't understand why everyone has to or wants to smoke pot.  In so many blockbuster movies there is a scene (or many scenes) where they sit around getting high.  Why does pot have to be everywhere?  I don't know why this irks me so much.  I really don't.  The idea of feeling super hungry but too lazy to get up and eat something is a nightmare.  Speaking of nightmares, I've heard so many nightmare stories about pot brownies.  Nope.  Crossed that off my list.  And I hate the smell of the smoke.  Maybe I'll smoke it when I'm 80 to ease my pain and help me gain weight, and it will be a revelation and I'll regret not spending my whole life as a pot head.  Maybe, but I don't think so.

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