Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Collection: Eye Glasses

I have quite the eyeglass collection.  You see, when Ross first started working at Bell Helicopter we had great insurance.  We were able to get glasses every year--and expensive ones.  Since then I discovered Zenni Optical and because I don't have a strong prescription I can get glasses without spending a lot of money.  Poor Ross has poorer vision, and whereas I can get photochromic lenses for 20 dollars, he has to pay 140.  I can easily get 3 pairs of glasses for the price of one pair of Ross's.  So I have accumulated quite the collection.
Check out those mondo-big glasses at the bottom.  That was my first pair of glasses ever--I got them at age 16.  I actually lost them, got another pair that was exactly the same, then found the original pair.  I think I donated the other pair--and I should do the same with this pair.  The next two pair up are back up glasses--I keep a pair in each of our cars.  I don't wear my old brown pair very much anymore, but all the others I wear on a regular basis. I have 6 pairs in the house and there are still times I can't find a pair!

As you will notice, all the glasses have plastic frames.  I did have a pair of metal glasses, back in the day, but I think they broke (or I donated them).  When I bought the next pair of plastic glasses I knew I'd never go back to metal rims with the nose pad dohickeys.  I also had a pair of half-rim glasses, but they broke pretty quickly--luckily, I had 4 or 5 other pairs of glasses to wear.  Ross is not so lucky.  He only has one pair of glasses, and they are damaged.  I just ordered him two new pairs from Zenni.
These "wooden" glasses are my newest pair.  I got them free--just had to pay shipping on firmoo.  I like that they look like wood, but are plastic.
I wear these red glasses a lot and get compliments on them.  The sides are all carved and fancy.

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Disobedient Tiger said...

Best "lost glasses" was during a trip to Del Rio, TX with K. in my dumber youth.

During the drive, I was brushing my teeth, rolled down the window, and popped my head out to spit...
and there went my glasses.

We hunted for about 20 minutes in fading light, and i couldn't see to hunt. took a couple of days to get a new pair.
yeah, not my best.