Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Uh, What?

When we got home yesterday we found a set of appliances in our living room.  Uh, what the hell?!?
Bottom line:  The apartment peoples gave the appliance delivery guy a key and he delivered it to the wrong apartment--it was supposed to go to a vacant apartment.  Now I'm really shaken.  I'm wondering if they gave him the key to our place, or a master key.  And they didn't even escort him.  So if I was home he could have come in and murdered me.  If he had a master key he could have gone in anyone's apartment and raided it.  He could have let Bailey out.  The apartment people had no idea that the appliances were in our living room.  We could have just sold them on Craigs List.  Ross was really mad.  I'm disturbed.

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Nicole said...

Oh my. That is random and alarming. Yikes.