Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Movie: Mama

I saw the movie trailer for Mama in the theaters and decided I wanted to see it.  It looked creepy and I like Guillermo del Toro's movies.  I usually back out of any interest in horror movies (or any movie really), but I really wanted to see this one and there was no way Ross was going to let me back out.

Mama is about two girls who survive 5 years in the wilderness.  After they are found they go to live with their uncle and strange things start happening.

I like that we got to see Mama.  It wasn't like we only caught glimpses of her.  You get to see her in all her ugly glory.  I thought the story was interesting and the special effects were good.  Well, there was one exception: a scene that was so ridiculous that the whole theater (all 8 of us) was laughing.  Maybe it was supposed to be terrifying, but a wig scooting across the floor just made us all laugh.  The jump-out-and-get-you moments scared Ross, but not me.

I'm glad I went to see the movie.  Maybe I'll be open to more horror movies in the future.


Nicole said...

I'm curious to see this movie but I'm not sure I want to pay money to see it at the theater.

I read that "Mama" was played by a seven-foot tall man.

k. said...

Yeah, I just looked up Javier Botet, who played mama, on imdb. He sure is tall and skinny--and really scary in make up.

I think this movie will be fine on the small screen. No need to rush out and see it.