Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Oh My God, It's Summer?

I was just looking at my calendar and realized that today is the Summer Solstice. Crap. I had big plans for Spring. I only got 2/5 things on my list done: We went to the drive in, and we went on a couple of excursions. For the Summer I'd like to:

1. Complete at least 1 sewing project--specifically a pair of brown wrap around pants that I was planning to make last Summer.

2. Do my trapeze exercises at least 3 times per week. I made up a list of exercises, now I just have to do them!

3. Write to Ethan twice per month. I bought a super-cool plantable card at Longwood gardens. I will send that to him this weekend. The card has seeds embedded in the paper and will grow wildflowers if you plant and water it.

4. Visit at least 2 more zoos. We didn't make it to the National Zoo this week. I wasn't feeling well. The plan is to visit the Philly zoo this weekend, and possibly the DC zoo next. I'd like to visit the Bronx zoo this Summer, but it will be hard to get out of town with Trapeze classes every weekend through August. Maybe we can go as soon as classes are over. And I suppose we can visit the Baltimore zoo at some point.

I think that's all I can handle this Summer!

**oops. I just realized I was looking at next week, but let's be honest. I'm not going to get anything else on my Spring list done before the actual Solstice.

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