Sunday, June 24, 2012

Finally, a Catch (of Set Straddle Whip)

I finally managed to catch the set straddle whip trick on Saturday. Ross was kind enough to film it and take some rapid-fire photos. I worked on my take-off, and I need to remember to point my toes--that's not something we do in yoga.

We didn't have a warm-up this time, but we did have an orientation for all the exercises we should do between turns on the trapeze. I think I can only physically do 7 of the exercises on the list and we had to pick 6 to do. The most fun was being able to climb the silks. I climbed up twice. I'm not quite sure what it was, but my but-tocks are so freaking sore!!!


Nicole said...

Holy shit!!!! Sorry to curse on your blog but that was AMAZING! That's so crazy that you were able to do that. It has to be timed perfectly and you totally have to trust that other person to catch you. You deserve a standing ovation and applause for that one. You've gotz skillz yo!

Paola said...

Whoa, you really know how to fly!