Friday, June 15, 2012

Facebook Holdout

I have no desire to be on or use facebook. If I want to talk to someone I'll email them or call them. I have no desire to find random people from my past. And I sure as hell don't want some girl who was a bitch to me in Jr. High asking me to friend her. Well, the Trapeze School emailed me saying that students use facebook to communicate. Really? Is that the only way I'll be able to find out about what's going on in my classes and find someone to swap classes with if necessary? I'm miffed. I want to have fun, be part of the group, participate in any weekly themes, and be able to help somebody out with a class swap. I just don't want to have to join facebook to do it.

Aha! Maybe Bailey can join and keep me updated about trapeze class! Hmmmm.

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Nicole said...

Don't join. Facebook is horrible. I bet those people don't even use it to communicate about the class. People barely use Facebook to communicate anymore. My wall is littered with posts of picture quotes and people's check-ins. Facebook is so effin' useless at this point.