Saturday, June 2, 2012

Waiting in Lines

We ended up waiting in a lot of lines in California. We did not enjoy that.
1. We waited in line for half an hour before the all-you-can-eat restaurant, Makino, opened.
2. Since we got into the restaurant the same time as everyone else we had to wait in line inside to go through the sushi part of the buffet line. We were not impressed.
3. We waited at least 30 minutes for a table in a small Taiwanese restaurant. Again, not impressed.
4. During the wait for the small Taiwanese place we walked over to Wholesome Choice, an international food store where we saw people waiting in line for up to 40 minutes for Persian Sangak bread. Really? People in California seem to like waiting in lines.
5. We had to wait in line to take the sloooow hover tram up to Getty Center. Not bad, but just another line to wait in. I really didn't want to wait in line for the ride down, so despite my desperately sore feet we walked down the hill.
6. We also waited in line for 30 minutes for boba at Half and Half Tea House. Now, I'll admit that the boba was pretty good, but a 30 minute wait? Our friends actually said to never go to a place unless there is a line out the door. Talk about hype. Reminds me of when Sprinkles opened in Dallas. You stand in line forever for a cupcake so it has to be good, right? Most of their cupcakes were oily and never worth a wait.
7. We also saw a huge line (out the door) at 85C Bakery. I was looking in the window and a guy walked up and said "It's just bread, right?" I nodded. He obviously didn't want to stand in line, but his mother was caught up in the hype and insisting.
8. Memorial day we were pretty much spared lines. We only waited 2 minutes to be seated for our brunch with Dishi and Josh in Oceanside (best pancakes ever!) And we managed to talk Robert and Tiffany out of waiting in line to ride the big orange balloon at Great Park in Irvine. We were more lines!
9. We waited in line for a taxi for 1.5 hours? I think I'll do another post for that one....

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