Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I have been very forgetful over the last week. Last week I forgot my yoga bag and had to tromp back up the stairs to get it. Three days in a row I forgot my cell phone. It is a miracle that I realized these things before I left for work.
Multiple times I have gone commando after yoga because I forgot to pack underwear. Today I forgot to pack a T shirt for yoga. I was wearing a long sleeve, very fitted, button-down shirt. There was no way I could do yoga in that super-restrictive shirt. I was a little bummed out, but then I remembered I had some extra T shirts in my car. I went back out to my car and got Ross's T shirt. Save! I realized I need to pack more than just shirts. I should pack socks (just in case I forget them for trapeze or step in a puddle), underwear, T shirts, and maybe shorts or something. Oh, and maybe a cardigan--I'm always cold.
Yoga was great. I'm hoping to go again on Sunday night. We did some great stretches for the back of the legs (including standing split), which is good because I think my next trapeze trick might be set split. We'll see Saturday.

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