Saturday, June 16, 2012

Almost Catch of Set Straddle Whip

This morning I left the house at 6:35! I normally roll out of bed at 6:45--at the earliest! I headed down to DC for my first IFW (Intensive Flying Workshop) class. I am super stoked that my team of teachers is Donovan, Meghan, and Marissa.
Turns out I was doing a cheater version of the set straddle whip. Meghan and Donovan straightened me out and I was able to do it correctly. Watching Ross's video from last week---I see that he was doing it correctly. The most exciting thing I did today was the one-handed take off. Meghan showed me what to do on the ground, and on my first turn I went for it. I think I'm okay at it. I'm not sure if it was the take off or what, but my right shoulder is hurting.
Oh, oh. They made me run! Warm up included jogging laps around the inside of the building. They said that next week they will have a workout routine that we can work on between turns.
I didn't catch this week. It was so close! As you can see in the video--our fingertips touched. Hopefully I can make it next week. Donovan said that over IFW I can work on the set tricks and hopefully work up to set planche. I want to have a great trick for the show!

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