Sunday, January 2, 2011

Managing My Downloads

Kazaa was working wonderfully over Christmas and I downloaded a couple hundred songs. Managing the downloads is business. Not a tricky business, or a hard business, but it's definitely a business. I won't bore you with the details.

We got a terabyte drive over the Thanksgiving weekend and I've backed up all my photos and music. Actually, I've backed up my music twice. It is so much easier to do now that I'll never wait months to back up my stuff again. Today I was importing some CDs into iTunes and screwed something up. It was nice to be able to delete everything and start fresh all over again. I don't think I lost many songs, if any, since I had backed up my music on December 29th.

Among the bounty of songs I downloaded last weekend were a couple of songs I've been looking for for a long time: Water into Wine by Cold Chisel and A Million Miles Away by David Byrne. The David Byrne song was actually ripped from a youTube video. I get my music however I can, as long as it's free! I've put the two songs on the Songs Stuck in My Head list. You can click and download them free.

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