Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Extra Eyes for Black Ops

Ross says I'm the best girlfriend ever (nevermind that we are married) cause I watch him play Call of Duty Black Ops (for the wii) and help him by by telling him if I see guys for him to shoot. One problem that we have is that Ross doesn't know his left from his right. To try and solve this I put two post-it notes on the TV. I put a star on the left side and an apple on the right side. I still haven't gotten the hang of saying "guy on your apple!"

Sometimes I get really into it. Just now I shouted "Claymore!" and actually saved Ross from blowing himself up with his own claymore. I get all excited when he actually pulls of knifing someone or shoots someone in the crotch.

Tonight Ross was putting the kettle on and I picked up the wiimote and decided to play a round. I killed 7 people and died 12 times in a round of hard core free for all. Not too bad for a newbie (Ross just had a round where he killed 3 people and died 12 times).

When school starts we won't be able to sit around playing black ops any more. And maybe I'll stop dreaming about it.

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