Sunday, August 22, 2010

Other Things About the Drive In

There were a couple of things that I totally forgot to mention about the drive in. First, our neighbors: They left their car running for the first 30 minutes of the movie. I don't get it. There are signs and constant announcements about carbon monoxide. I guess they think A/C is more important. We could hear a car running, but didn't realize it was theirs or I would have asked them to shut it off. Security eventually took care of it. They talked loudly throughout the films. It wasn't just the children. Then in the middle of the second movie one of the kids opened the door--wham right into the side of my car. I had to hold myself down. Of course their car is white, and mine is black. Luckily there wasn't any damage. Yesterday I looked and just saw small hand prints dragged across both sides of my car! One passerby (child) grabbed my side view mirror and tried to take it with him! Again, I had to hold myself back. He then proceeded to wipe his hands all down the side of my car. Nice.

The neighbor on the other side parked, got out, and left. Security was looking for him. I have no idea why. Between movies he took his time leaving--while security and the cops watched. Odd.

Now on to the other thing: Spanish. I just want to say that the Spanish in Toy Story 3 was great. It was miles above and beyond the Spanish in The Expendables. The writing, accent, and acting were all better in Toy Story 3. The general in The Expendables made we want to crack up. His Spanish wasn't wrong or anything, it was just bad writing and bad acting. Buzz Lightyear in Spanish mode rocked.

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Nicole said...

I LOVED Spanish mode Buzz. LOVED it!

Yeah, why was that guy so terrible in The Expendibles? He's on Dexter. I don't remember him being that bad on Dexter.