Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gramps Got Around

Today my dad found out he had two half brothers that he never met. We knew of one, but not his younger brother, and they knew of my dad, but not his younger sister. Bolivar got around. He had at least 4 wives and 5 children. Well, his sons Jean and Henri gave up their searches for the American side of the family, but Jean's daughter Isabelle has been searching. Thanks to the Mormons, who seem to love ancestry.com (and still baptize and seal us after our deaths--but that's a whole other story), Isabelle has found my dad, her long lost uncle.

I have a French cousin. I don't know that anything will come of it, but finding this photograph of Roderick Bolivar Burton was totally awesome.


Nicole said...

Wait. Is that a pic of your grandfather? If so, he's one good-looking fellow.

In Guyana, where I'm from, men have extramarital relationships more often than not. So much so that the children produced as a result are referred to as "outside children."

To this day, I meet people whom I'm told are family members. I'm not sure how anyone in Guyana can hook-up with anyone else. I'd always be worried I was with someone I was somehow related to.

k. said...

Yeah, he was very handsome.

Shoot, these days here with mamas having babies with different daddies and daddies having so many baby mamas you know it it's bound to happen. (shudder)

I also found out that one of Bolivar's brothers is still living and that we probably have family in New York.