Friday, August 13, 2010

Grumpy Angry

I called and made an appointment for a hair cut and blow out at an Aveda hair salon. I told the lady on the phone I needed her to book me for at least an hour and a half. I get there early--and the stylist says he only has an hour--cause I got there early and he told the front desk that he could take care of me in 45 minutes. He overrode my request. The stylist looked at my hair. He took a pick to my dry hair and floofed it all out and then said he couldn't do anything in the one hour he had. So we talked, and he said he'd block off an afternoon for me, but charge me double. He wants to charge me $150! I said okay and left, kind of dazed. Now I'm grumpy and angry. I drove almost 70 miles for nothing other than poofy hair! Grrr. I'm going to cancel. Dude didn't even offer me a free Aveda sample or discount or anything. I'm mad.


Nicole said...

I'd be mad too. Especially since you explicitly said to allot an hour and a half. If someone felt the need to mention that, there must be a reason and the hairdresser should abide.

Plus, when you make an appointment to get your hair done, you expect to walk out with your "hair did." To drive all that way and still not have your hair done, I'd be so blown.

Yeah, don't go back there. He doesn't deserve your business.

V said...

C'mon receptionist - if you request an hour and a half, you need an hour and a half. We curlies know what we need! And I agree, don't go back to that place.

Disobedient Tiger said...

I was grumpy cuz my trip out of town started off poorly. I wanted to call this salon and chew them out (vent my own frustrations). she won't give me the number