Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Problem Pelvis

Every 28 days or so my pelvis disarticulates and my sacrum just kinda floats there between my ilia. After a few days it all puts itself back together--and locks. The problem is that it doesn't always go back together the right way. The worst time that I can remember is when I rode around for hours in the back seat of a Honda Civic squished between two other people. Two days later I hurt so bad that I could barely stand up straight. I was truly blessed to have a chiropractor working out of the same office. He said he'd never seen anything so crazy. My sacrum was out of place and locked down. After two or three treatments I was better (but still in pain) and I just waited 3 weeks for my pelvis to unlock and my sacrum to float out.

Recently I spent almost a whole day on the floor, on my belly, in front of my laptop. Now my sacroiliac joint is killing me. Sometimes when my sacrum is misbehaving I can do a kind of Elvisonian pelvic thrust and pop it back into place. Sometimes I get into bridge pose and wiggle, jiggle, and bounce my pelvis until it pops. None of this has worked. Yoga hasn't worked. I resorted to self-manipulation, trying to rotate and unlock my pelvis. No luck. I even had Ross try and pop my back. Something popped, but much higher up. I think I'm stuck like this for the next couple of weeks. Damn hormones!

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Nicole said...

Ouch. Sounds painful!