Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hours Looking at Gay Blogs

A long time ago I stumbled on the blog No Names. When I'm grumpy I go to the site and look at the photos and then I feel better (if there isn't something beautiful to look at there's alway something to laugh at). After yesterday's non-haircut I was really grumpy. I felt the urge to eat myself out of my frustration and decided to look through No Names, Shirtless Perfection, and Definition of a Man instead. I downloaded about 200 photos and put them in a folder for my screen saver. Now, I looked through hundreds and hundreds of photos. I know what I like and I'm picky.
I don't like them over muscled.
I don't like twinks--I don't want to feel like a creepy old woman when my screen saver comes on.
I don't like the coy cover up. There are so many photos with an awkwardly held/draped towel or with the guys clutching their stuff. I saw many, many photos with guys either touching or peeking at their junk.
And I don't like the photos where they are pulling their underwear down or showing tuft. And there are some photos that just don't make any sense. Why would you wear underwear in the shower anyway?
Guys and girls are definitely different, even guys that like guys. Oh, and no matter how much I like milk, this is just gross:
What I do like is a nice, artsy, sexy photo.

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Nicole said...

I think that milk pic might give me nightmares.