Friday, July 24, 2009

Raspberry Ice Cream

Monday I made raspberry Ice cream with the raspberries that we all picked on Thursday. I used cream, milk, yoghurt, raspberries, sugar, vanilla and lime juice. When the mixture was all smooth I didn't like all the seeds so I strained most of them out. I didn't add a lot of lime juice, but I thought in the end it had a bit of a cherry limeaid flavor. Everyone got two scoops--and it was gone.

Speaking of ice cream we went to the dairy quite a few times last week. I've had trouble with vanilla ice cream. Sometimes I think it tastes mediciney. It happened at the dairy recently. Well, they had a new flavor this week and it was really good--Cinnamon Honey Vanilla. No medicine flavor there. Right now I think my favorite flavor is peanut butter. I can't get enough of it. Still, I really miss Amy's. It is better than the dairy, and the dairy doesn't have any alcoholic flavors, so I won't be getting Guinness or Bourbon ice cream any time soon.

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Laura said...

My favorite ice cream on the trip was Kat's ice cream. I really enjoyed it (as well as the rest of the Fox Four). At the dairy I liked the cake batter and the vanilla, cinnamon and honey. This whole trip had great ice cream.