Monday, July 6, 2009

Bailey and the Goldfinch

When Bailey sees the hummingbirds she does this funny thing that cats do. She cries/chirps and her jaw quivers. Lately a goldfinch has been perching on the railing of the balcony. This upsets Bailey more than the hummingbirds, probably because the goldfinch sticks around for a while. Yesterday Bailey cried and chirped (a lot)--doing that funny thing with her jaw. I managed to catch a little of it on video.


V said...

It is so funny when cats do that!

LisaDiane said...

I miss Bailey! Don't worry, I miss you and Ross too ;-)

Laura's cat Macy used to make that noise all the time. Laura lived in an apartment that got no direct sunlight when Macy was a kitten, and when they moved to a different unit with sunshine and shadows, and birds, Macy was so excited! Now she is much mellower, and doesn't make the cool noise as much. Of course, she also doesn't attack your feet while you are sleeping, so I guess it is a trade off!

Glad to see that Bailey is having fun with the wildlife in Virginia.